Our Peugeot 404

on holiday This 1964 Peugeot 404 has been our family car for quite some time. After the birth of our daughter the small car we had back then was getting too small for growing up kids. This is how this Peugeot 404 came into the picture and onto our driveway. We did some work to it, although there was not much to be done. The bodyshell had very little rust, which is unusual for this type of cars. When we bought, it had about 51.000 km on the counter and it still had the original tires. The car was recently imported from France. It still had the original painted license number on it, indicating it started it's life in Paris. The photo book in this section has the complete story up now. Soon we will work on the this car again as it needs some attention. In due time we will post that on this site.